Warren County Habitat for Humanity

​Several Trinity members volunteered their time and talents as board members and builders and in 2015, $1900 was sent on behalf of the congregation. Trinity continues to be a Builder’s Club member.


​TEST (Trinity’s El Salvador Team)

​TEST in 2016 did not send a delegation to El Salvador.  We did spend the year praying for our brothers and sisters in El Salvador due to the continued drought.   This summer our prayers were answered as the rains came and there was a good corn crop brought in.  We have yet to hear any news of the bean crop but Laura Avitt, who was again a part of the Our Sister Parish medical delegation, reported the fields were looking good.  
The solicitude for guitars from the Casa De Zacate youth was fulfilled by Trinity’s own High School Youth.  They raised enough money to purchase two guitars and the equipment to go with them.  Thanks to the High School Youth Group.  Two of their members will be traveling with TEST in March 2017 so perhaps we will get a chance to hear a song from the youth at Casa De Zacate.  
Solicitudes yet to be filled are:
Latrines for Casa De Zacate
A new floor for the Casa De Zacate community area
Fertilizer for both Casa De Zinc and Casa De Zacate
At this time we have yet to receive solicitude for latrines from Casa De Zinc but we will start to raise the funds for them as well.
Our next delegation will be March 9-16, 2017.  Traveling to El Salvador will be the following:
Betty Dyer, Maurice Dyer, Kim Grissom, Mike Paxson, Rae Pooley, Nick VanDam, Leighia VanDam, as well as two others from the Union Park and the Grimes congregations.

Presbyterian Women 

Trinity's PW support those in need in the greater Des Moines area, particularly women and children, through donations to the Heart and Hand Clinic housed at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Des Moines. Each fall, donations of baby items are collected and delivered to the clinic. 

Additionally, PW makes an annual contribution to Cross Ministries which is housed at Cottage Grove Presbyterian Church, Des Moines. They also assists those in need in the greater Des Moines community.

​PW also collects soup labels for the Menaul School in Albuquerque, NM www.menaulschool.com and in past years made mosquito nets for Africa. Various other items are collected and made for overseas missions.
Martha Circle Morning PW
Ana Circle Evening PW

​Regional and National Church Support

​Synod of Lakes and Prairies
Through annual gifts to the Synod of Lakes and Prairies,our church supports mission activities in the Midwest including reaching out to immigrant Sudanese, native Americans and mission projects done jointly between several presbyteries within the Synod.

General Assembly
Through annual gifts to the mission of the national Presbyterian Church, we support the work of missionaries and churches across the world. Trinity also participates in special the special offerings of PC (USA).

One Great Hour of Sharing
Each Easter Presbyterians along with many other denominations receive the offering for One Great Hour of Sharing. These gifts go to help hunger relief, disaster assistance and programs designed to allow communities to become self-sustaining.

Pentecost Offering
This offering, normally received on Pentecost Sunday goes to help children at risk. Forty percent of the offering is kept by the local church to assist in their ministry with children. The other sixty percent is sent to the national church to assist with other ministries working with children and young people.

Peace & Global Witness Offering
This offering is normally received on the first Sunday in October (World-wide Communion Sunday). Twenty-five percent of the offering is kept by the local church to help with their peacemaking efforts. Another twenty-five is used by the presbytery and synod in their ministries of peacemaking. The remaining fifty percent is sent to the General Assembly for national and international efforts of peacemaking.

Joy Offering
This offering is typically received the Sunday before Christmas. Fifty percent is used to supplement the income of retired ministers and missionary. The other fifty percent is used to assist Presbyterian related racial-ethnic education.