Serving Trinity

Elders/Session Members

2016-2017 Elders: Phil DeLong, Marieta Grissom, Ellen Keyser, Marilyn Lawson, Amanda Lindeberg, Gary Lucas, Missy Paxson, Heather Pinamonte, Rae Pooley (youth), Rod Prickett, Rebecca Swainey, Dick Tinder, Susan Turnbull, Madison VanDam (youth), Ray Vander Veldon, ​Rev. David Endriss (moderator), Brad Eveland (clerk).


2016-2017 Deacons: Geri Bartlett (moderator), Rachel Crady (youth), Owen Duncan, Jenifer Grissom, Lora Jean Hervey, Renee Little, Richard Long, Barb Moul, Kristine Nielsen, Heather Roush, Susan Wilson.
Deacons minister to Trinity members and friends in many ways, working closely with the pastor, office administrator and the church staff to become acquainted with the concerns, special needs and special joys of the congregation. They coordinate mini-parishes, cradle cross delivery, May baskets for shut-ins, memorial flowers and Deacon Sunday. They visit homes, hospitals and care centers and are in contact with members by phone and through personal notes.

Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women make and distribute comforters to Helping Hand, collect card fronts, prepare and deliver Christmas tins for staff and shut-ins, prepare and serve dinners, clean Trinity's kitchen, make and distribute baby clothing, lap robes, mittens and scarves. Additionally, Presbyterian Women support local, Presbytery and national missions through their annual pledges and study together each month.

Administration and Finance

The Administration and Finance Ministry manages the funds of Trinity and sees that accurate records are kept in order to ensure the accountability of funds.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry plans, coordinates and evaluates the total education program, providing teaching/learning opportunities for children, youth and adults and interprets and communicates the education program to the church community.


The Hospitality Ministry builds community among members and facilitates programs and services in support of individual members, the congregation, visitors and new members. The ministry also supports the work of the Deacons.

Interpretation and Stewardship

The Interpretation and Stewardship Ministry educates and informs members and friends of the mission of the Presbyterian Church USA and Trinity. The team encourages members and friends to understand stewardship as a joyful response to all God has done for us and facilitates ways for members and friends to respond.


The Mission Ministry develops, oversees and monitors a plan to address both emergency and ongoing human needs in Indianola and in the the greater area served by Trinity. The ministry also develops an awareness of human and social needs beyond this community and suggests ways to address those needs.


The Property Ministry is responsible for the maintenance and oversight of all church property to support the mission of the church.

Worship and Music

The Worship Ministry arranges, supports, monitors and evaluates all routine and special worship services of the congregation.

Endowment Fund

Administers the endowment fund and actively advocates additional contributions.


Receives and administers all memorial funds donated to Trinity.


Recruits and prepares the annual slate of nominations.

Personnel Committee

Assists Session in hiring employees and in fulfilling its responsibilities to current employees.